A Coventry-based nursery has secured an outstanding Ofsted rating after building an extension to its premises and introducing facilities with the help of a £30,000 loan from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

Hedgerow Nursery, situated in Burton Green Coventry, cares for children between the ages of six weeks and eleven years old. The nursery opened in 1997, and is the main provider of childcare service in the area before children head on to primary school.  The nursery consistently had a waiting list having reached full capacity, so the business decided to build an extension to allow more children aged three to four to have a place at the nursery.
With the support of a loan from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, the nursery has built the new extension, refurbished current space and introduced more facilities such as games and educational activities, to provide a better learning environment for children. Subsequently, in its most recent Ofsted inspection, the nursery achieved an outstanding rating because of the extensive nursery space, age-specific amenities and quality of childcare it offers.
Jenny Evans, nursery manager at Hedgerow Nursery, said: “It is great to be involved in the upbringing of the next generation, but we have often been over-subscribed in the past because of space limitations and the lack of pre-school facilities at the local primary school.
“Lloyds Bank has fully understood our decision to expand the nursery and offer an extended and much needed service for the local community, and we’re proud to have secured an outstanding Ofsted rating on the back of the team’s hard work and dedicated care.”
Phil Perry, SME healthcare relationship manager at Lloyds Commercial Banking, said: “Hedgerow Nursery has seen an increased demand for its childcare services as a result of the quality of childcare that they provide for local children. This created the conditions that led to the nursery’s decision to extend the building, meaning these services will reach more people in the community.”
“We are committed to supporting sectors that are vital to the infrastructures of our local communities. This is part of our wider commitment to small and medium sized firms, and our pledge to increase our net lending by at least £1billion every year until the end of 2017.”

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